Random Tumbled Building Stone – Silver/Grey Granite

Our silver/grey granite is quarried from our De Lank Quarry near Bodmin in Cornwall. It is noted for its unique silver-grey colour and its even-grained texture. De Lank granite is renowned for quality and durability: it has been providing building stone for prestigious architectural projects and landmark buildings work since 1882.


Our De Lank tumbled random building stone is identical to our silver-grey granite random building stone, other than having been put through the tumbling process. This process softens the facing and rounds the edges of the granite stone blocks. Tumbled stone has a naturally weathered finish that works well for restoration and renovation projects, where the new granite needs to blend in with historic stone, or to achieve an aged / time-worn appearance.

De Lank granite is synonymous with Cornish walling stone. When quarried it splits naturally into large blocks, which means we can also craft it into masonry stone such as quoins and lintels. Its durability also lends itself to commercial paving, cobbles and setts, as well as garden walling and retaining walls for ponds and pools.

For more information or to place an order, please contact Ben at De Lank Quarry on 01208 850217 or ben@delankquarry.co.uk

One bulk bag of random building stone cropped to the standard 100mm (4 inch) bed width will provide enough material for 4 to 4.5 square metres of facing stone. A wastage allowance of 10% should always be calculated into your figures when ordering.


We’ve provided a few tips on how to build a stone wall, and if you need any advice, give us a call.

£175.00 ex VAT
£210.00 inc VAT