Practical, versatile and beautiful: if you are looking to create a seamless transition between your house and garden, porcelain flooring is the ultimate solution. This exciting product evolution offers all the benefits of traditional high strength porcelain, but reinvented for contemporary living. Inspired by natural stone, timber and polished concrete, our different ranges offer a design for everyone. Porcelain has essential advantage over alternative flooring products: not only is it durable, low-maintenance, safe and beautiful, but it is the only product that retains those qualities both indoors and outdoors. It truly delivers on the modern desire for a garden room that connects intrinsically with the home.

Emperor Classic Porcelain

EMPEROR® Classic is our largest porcelain paving range. Modelled on natural stone and timber flooring, Emperor Classic is an innovative product that genuinely creates a seamless transition between indoors and outdoor flooring and paving. Whether your style is natural country or urban minimalism, porcelain offers a flooring solution for everyone. Coupled with a superb aesthetic, it is also straight-foward to lay, easy to maintain, durable, slip-resistant and weather-resistant. It works with underfloor heating and doesn’t need sealing or treating. It’s as brilliant for domestic and commercial interiors as it is for outdoor spaces and gardens.

Emperor Country Porcelain

EMPEROR® Country porcelain paving provides the appearance of genuine timber flooring, but without the maintenance, safety or weathering concerns. Wider than an average wooden floorboard, they take a much loved style and give it a contemporary twist, perfectly adapted to modern living. Our high quality porcelain paving is amongst the most low-maintenance, durable, slip-resistant and weather-proof flooring materials you can buy. The deeper texture and authentic patterning of Emperor Country porcelain make it the perfect alternative to timber flooring and decking. It is equally suitable for domestic and commercial interior and exterior use.

Emperor Urban Porcelain

EMPEROR® Urban porcelain paving is the ultimate flooring for contemporary living. With their large format size and subtle colouring, these porcelain tiles hook right into the trend of urban minimalism. The Urban porcelain flooring range offers the look of polished and stained concrete but with numerous advantages. Urban porcelain tiles are easier to lay, and don’t need sealing or finishing. They’re simple to clean, have a slip-resistant surface, and are more weatherproof. Perfect for the home, studio, office, courtyard, balcony or roof terrace. For lovers of modern architectural styling, Emperor Urban porcelain is a paving revolution.

Mijo Nobile Porcelain

Mijo Porcelain

The Mijo porcelain paving range is the ultimate in elegant Italian styling. It combines subtle organic patterns and muted colours to irresistible effect. These porcelain tiles take their inspiration from natural stone and timber, but use softer tones and textures. The increasingly popular larger format size helps to increase the feeling of space and airiness both indoors or outdoors. Rectified edges provide a crisp edge enabling minimal grout lines, perfect for designs that seek a clean symmetrical layout. It’s easy to install, low maintenance, extremely hard-wearing and with high slip-resistancy. The Mijo porcelain paving range is ideal for all commercial and domestic flooring applications.