Limerick – Emperor Classic

Recalling the warmth and texture of French Limestone, the Limerick porcelain paving tile is a gorgeous Mediterranean mix of earthy golds and ochres. Combining the beauty of limestone with the durability of high strength porcelain, it will work as well in the garden as it does in the home.

Unlike other porcelain floor tiles, EMPEROR floor tiles have a slightly conical edge – their ‘natural edge’.

This offers two key benefits:
Looks:- Once laid, EMPEROR floor tiles look just like natural stone and are clearly different from ceramic floor tiles with calibrated edges.
Resistance to wear:- Their slanting edges give EMPEROR floor tiles extra stability, making them more resistant to cracking and damage to the edges.

Patterning: Moderate
Edge: Natural

Repeats: The number of repeats of a pattern within a product depends on how lively the pattern is. Our porcelain will vary from 22 repeats in more lively tiles down to 4 in the plainer products.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use

Format: 400mm x 800mm x 20mm thick


£70.00 ex VAT
£84.00 inc VAT