Vivace – Emperor Classic

The Vivace porcelain floor tile works just as well in contemporary designs as it does in classical ones. A beautiful mix of silver and grey with striking white veins, a fine crystalline structure and a shimmering mineral surface. Ideal for living and leisure areas out through to patios and terraces.


Unlike other porcelain floor tiles, EMPEROR floor tiles have a slightly conical edge – their ‘natural edge’.

This offers two key benefits:
Looks:- Once laid, EMPEROR floor tiles look just like natural stone and are clearly different from ceramic floor tiles with calibrated edges.
Resistance to wear:- Their slanting edges give EMPEROR floor tiles extra stability, making them more resistant to cracking and damage to the edges.

Patterning: Light
Edge: Natural

Repeats: The number of repeats within a product depends on how lively the pattern is. Our porcelain will vary from 22 repeats in more lively tiles down to 4 in plainer products

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use

Format: 400mm x 800mm x 20mm thick

Also available in 600mm x 1200mm on special order


£70.00 ex VAT
£84.00 inc VAT