Our roofing tiles are hand dressed and supplied with diminishing courses to create a traditional stone tiled roof. The tiles have a naturally riven surface and come in a range of sizes to suit most buildings. We provide a choice of roofing tiles including local Herefordshire stone from our own quarry, or responsibly-sourced imported stone for customers who are looking for a traditional effect at lower prices. Our local stone roofing tiles are approved by National Parks, and have been used to restore listed buildings such as churches, historic structures and private homes. Our roofing stone is also used to maintain the character and regional integrity of local authority buildings.

Local Stone Roofing

The roofing tiles that we quarry here in Herefordshire are of exceptional quality. Predominantly grey-green in colour with warm russet tones, they are cut from the same stone as our Llandraw flagstones and BMQ Random Building Stone. This perfect match makes them highly popular for local conservation and restoration work. The thickness of each course is selected by hand to minimise weight on the roof and reduce the laying time. Each individual tile is then hand split and finished by our skilled stone masons to create a true diminishing coursed natural stone tile roof. Their quality has led to wider demand across the UK and Europe.

Imported Stone Roofing

We import natural stone from carefully selected overseas quarries in order to offer a wider variety of roofing tile colours at a lower cost. Our skilled stone masons here at Black Mountain Quarries then hand split and calibrate the tiles in exactly the same way that they finish our local stone tiles. This gives you a true diminishing course stone tile roof at a more affordable price. These traditional hand dressed stone tiles are naturally beautiful, timeless and durable.