Random Facing Stone

Full thickness

Random Facing Stone for traditional stone walling. Relatively square-edged stones of random heights and lengths, with some irregular pieces for naturalism.

Our random traditional facing stone is non-coursed, but is worked more than our rubble stone so has more square-edged pieces. It is cropped to a bed width of approx 100-150mm (4-6in) with at least one usable face. Our random facing stone can be cropped from natural sandstone, limestone, slate and quartzite, in a wide range of colours and with tumbled options; all our traditional facing stone has matching quoins available.

National Delivery

All online orders will be delivered by Palletways, kerbside delivery only with tail-lift and manual pump, see Delivery for full info.

Our own lorries can accommodate 14-28 bags and have a crane hiab, call us on 01981 241541 for more info.

Speak with a Stone Specialist

Any further questions or queries please don’t hesitate to phone, email or come visit our showroom in Pontrilas and we’ll be happy to help.

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Frequently asked questions

  • What is facing stone?

    Facing stone is just like building and walling stone, we use the term facing stone as we crop all our stone to a certain bed width, as we have large industrial Steinex croppers the cropper teeth along with the natural split of stone can give a tolerance, therefore we call it facing stone as we do recommend our stone has a backing support to it.

  • How will my facing stone arrive?

    All our facing stone gets put into our bulk bags. Our bags are around 850mm x 850mm x 850mm and approx. hold around 900kg.