De Lank Quarry, Cornwall

The history of achievement in Britain is built in granite. De Lank British silver grey granite has inspired the country’s finest stone-masons and architects for centuries, and has helped to create some of its finest and internationally famous built landmarks.

From our De Lank quarry in Cornwall we supply a wide range of granite products from commercial paving through to building stone, granite cobbles and setts as well as bespoke cutting and masonry services.

The list of buildings and monuments that have incorporated De Lank Cornish silver grey granite reflects the greatest and best of Britain’s architecture: London’s historic bridges; the Stock Exchange; New Scotland Yard; the Royal Academy of Arts and the Royal Opera House; Trafalgar Square and the Palace of Westminster.

These days, as well as retaining its popularity for grand architecture, De Lank granite has seen a rise in demand for both internal and external applications including stone walling, cladding, flooring, kerbs and setts.

The stone at De Lank is geologically classified as Cornubian coarse biotite granite. Quarrying here began around the middle of the 19th Century along the line of the De Lank River, and has continued more or less uninterrupted ever since. Today, the silver grey granite produced at De Lank Quarry has an international reputation for beauty, quality and strength – so much so that it has been awarded a Site of Special Scientific Interest citation from English Nature for its granite exposures.

During 2002/2003 De Lank granite was selected for two prestigious developments in London. It was used for Paternoster Square next to St. Pauls Cathedral, and provided the new steps, seat benches and paving for Trafalgar Square. In February 2004 De Lank completed the supply of 600 tonnes of granite for the Lady Diana Memorial in Hyde Park, London. Locally, De Lank granite has created more than 800m2 of paving in Newquay.

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Considerable investment has been made in equipment at De Lank over the last decade, helping to increase productivity as well as lower the costs and reduce waste. Consequently we are able to to supply larger quantities of granite in shorter time scales and at a better price, making it more affordable now than it has been historically. We have a range of granite products ideal for domestic and commercial use. We can also create bespoke products to your specification.

The final shaping and finishing of De Lank silver grey granite is still largely dependent on traditional stone masonry skills, and we are proud to promote and sustain this centuries-old craft. We deal exclusively with local services and suppliers, in order to support local businesses and local employment.

Today, the De Lank site is the only quarry able to extract Cornish granite in quantities suitable for construction and stone-masonry.

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