Multi Slate – Case Study

John came to our yard looking needing approx. 250m2 of cladding for three concrete retaining walls. He wanted something that would match the historic local buildings in his rural village, but needed it to be lightweight to avoid losing essential space from the narrow-walled pathways. He envisaged a dry-stone wall effect and had assumed the Stone Panelling system would be the answer, but seeing it at the showroom he felt it was too contemporary.

We showed him our Multi Slate natural stone cladding slips as a possible alternative to the Stone Panelling. The individual slips give the appearance of a traditional dry-stone stone wall, particularly when used with L shaped corner pieces that look like full quoins. The slim format (30mm) seemed ideal; he loved it in principle but still had concerns:

  • Over the large areas required, how long would it take the builders to achieve a dry-stone wall effect?
  • Would his builders be skilled enough to create an authentic appearance?
  • Would he have enough space to hold 250m2 worth of material in his garden?

One week later John called to say he was thrilled with the progress. Having initially been reticent, his builders found the slips remarkably easy to work with: between three of them, in rotten weather, they achieved up to 30m2 per day. They also had more space to work in, needing only 16 crates of slips as opposed to the 75 bulk bags they would have needed had they chosen traditional facing stone.

We popped round to take a look and were really impressed with the result . We’re looking forward to visiting again when the walls are finished off with our grey sandstone tumbled coping.

Natural stone cladding slips: the benefits

Our Multi Slate cladding slips come from one of our approved overseas quarries in China. All our natural stone slips are suitable for cladding internal and external walls, and for house-building and landscaping. At only 15-30mm thick, they can be fixed directly to walls like a heavy tile. Easy to apply and with an unlimited daily build height, they are ideal for both professional use and for DIY.

L-shaped corners create the appearance of ‘full-thickness’ solid stone walling, but being so slim in format means they are also ideal for new builds where space is at a premium.

We are able to cut our natural stone cladding slips from our full range of natural stone products, including Random, Vintage, Coursed, and Tumbled cropped walling stone.

Key qualities:

  • Approx 30mm thickness
  • 100% natural solid stone
  • L-shaped corners
  • For interior and exterior walling
  • Over 40 finishes, colours and styles
  • Easy and fast installation
  • Unlimited build height per day

Colour Disclaimer

Natural stone is quarried from geological seams that are generally formed of sedimentary rock, laid down and compacted over millennia. It contains variations in colour, grain and texture; it may also include veins and seams of different compositions. It’s this inherent richness of depth that gives natural stone its unique and incomparable quality. Our website provides a general representation of how the stone looks, but is affected by how its laid, the combinations and sizes of materials, quality of light, and your device. We recommend samples before placing your order, but please remember also that no two pieces of stone are identical, even when lifted from the same quarry.