Q&A’s on Stone Cladding Slips

What are stone cladding slips?

Our stone cladding slips are thin approx. 15-25mm in thickness, they are natural pieces of stone where we have taken the face off full thickness traditional building stone and created a light weight stone cladding.

See video below of our stone cladding slip machine working, and how we cut the stone into the beautiful pieces of cladding.

How our stone cladding slips get produced

Are stone cladding slips natural?

Our cladding slips are 100% natural solid stone, however not all are. Many cladding can look like natural stone, so its either moulded or man made. However here, we have 100% natural quarried stone, we produce 99% of the cladding slips as full thickness traditional building stone anyway (that’s how we get the slips).

What are stone cladding slips used for?

Stone cladding slips are a thin external product which is not structural, but a decorative facing material. Some people refer to this as stone veneers and stone panels, however again stone veneers and panels can be engineered, not a natural quarried product.

Where can I put stone cladding slips?

Our cladding slips can be put most places, due to them being individual pieces of stone cladding you can work the stone pieces to how you like. Also they give you the flexibility to be able to work in tight spaces. Cladding slips are great for homes, garages, garden walls, house developments etc.

BMQ Random Sandstone, L shaped stone cladding corners and stone cladding straights

We have a large selection of natural stone cladding slips available, we have 4 different styles to choose from and multiple colours. Take a look at our stone finder to help you choose which is the perfect choice for you.

National Delivery

All online orders will be delivered by Palletways, kerbside delivery only with tail-lift and manual pump, see Delivery for full info.

Our own lorries can accommodate 14-28 bags and have a crane hiab, call us on 01981 241541 for more info.

Speak with a Stone Specialist

Any further questions or queries please don’t hesitate to phone, email or come visit our showroom in Pontrilas and we’ll be happy to help.

Call: 01981 241541              info@blackmountainquarries.co.uk

25 Year Warranty

We recommend Laticrete adhesive for installing our stone cladding slips. Laticrete offers a 25 year warranty when applying to masonry blocks; 15 years with cement fibre board and timber-framed houses, when installed according to product specifications. Find out more about 255 Multimax Adhesive.