Stone Cladding Slips Vs Stone Cladding Panels

Here we will look at how different the two styles actually are and how they affect each build.

What is the biggest difference between stone cladding slips and stone cladding panel?

The biggest difference is the finish, the final look and feel of the two materials when its complete.

Panel – The stone panels are a simple and easy way to create a different look with little effort. Regarding the panels, most tend to have pieces of stone are already stuck on for you, and you simply click them together.

Slips – The cladding slips are generally individual pieces of stone, so can be hand selected, and placed onto the block work. This is more time consuming however some call it a lot more personal and characterful.

Stone panels tend to be what we class as a dry stone wall affect, this means there are no gaps in the stone work, they are simply stuck one on top of each other. Whereas with the cladding slips you could position them on top of each other to get this look. Or you can get pointing/jointing gaps which will give you the same finish as full thickness traditional building stone would.

Barely White from Black Mountain Quarries
Stone Panelling

Contemporary Vs Traditional

Panel – The stone panel system has a very modern look and feel. It doesn’t allow much room for any characteristic pieces to come through as they cut each piece to fit. Majority of all the pieces are very similar as they need to be to interlock with the next panel.

Slips – The stone cladding slips give a traditional finish, just made easy. Cladding slips are thin cuts from full thickness building stone, you can create the same finish in less time and money. Think of the slips just like tiling. Put individual tiles on the wall, leave gaps for the grout to go in-between them.

Which has the largest selection?

Panels – Stone panels have been around for many years, so the selection is rather large. Also there are also non stone panels out there too. For example stone you can get manufactured stone veneer, also can also be known as faux stone.

Slips – Stone slips haven’t been around as long however there are options available. We offer 4 different styles which include rubble, random, semi coursed and coursed. And within those styles we offer multiple colours of natural quarried stone around the UK.

Associated Products

BMQ Sandstone Random Cladding Slips

£90.00 ex VAT Price per Sq metre

Blue Pennant Sandstone Random Cladding Slips

£90.00 ex VAT Price per Sq metre

White Lias Random Cladding Slips

£100.00 ex VAT Price per Sq metre

Gloucester Green Random Cladding Slips

£90.00 ex VAT Price per Sq metre

Blue Pennant Rubble Cladding Slips

£90.00 ex VAT Price per Sq metre

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25 Year Warranty

We recommend Laticrete adhesive for installing our stone cladding slips. Laticrete offers a 25 year warranty when applying to masonry blocks; 15 years with cement fibre board and timber-framed houses, when installed according to product specifications. Find out more about 255 Multimax Adhesive.