Semi Coursed Stone Cladding Slips

15-30mm thickness

Semi Coursed Stone Cladding Slips are cropped in the semi-coursed build style, and cut to a thickness of 15-30mm for slim stone wall cladding.

The semi-coursed build style is formed of relatively uniform square/rectangular natural stone pieces of varying heights and lengths. This style lends a more contemporary feel to building and walling projects. Our slips can be crafted from natural solid sandstone, limestone, slate and quartzite, in a wide range of colours. All our stone wall cladding slips have matching L-shaped corners for exterior walling; we can also supply approved adhesive.

National Delivery

All online orders will be delivered by Palletways, kerbside delivery only with tail-lift and manual pump, see Delivery for full info.

Our own lorries can accommodate 14-28 bags and have a crane hiab, call us on 01981 241541 for more info.

Speak with a Stone Specialist

Any further questions or queries please don’t hesitate to phone, email or come visit our showroom in Pontrilas and we’ll be happy to help.

Call: 01981 241541    

Frequently asked questions

  • I have a stone I want to match but don’t know what it is?

    Don’t worry, there are many different types of stones out there, we are still learning ourselves. If you have any images of the stone you are trying to match, we’d be happy to look ourselves and give you the best advice. Just send the images to us via email and we will get back you ASAP.

  • How are stone slips installed?

    The installation process entails applying adhesive or mortar to the stone slips’ back and affixing them to your chosen surface. To ensure a strong and long-lasting installation, it’s crucial to adhere to the manufacturer’s installation guidelines. Our cladding slips installation is similar to tiling, where each piece is applied individually, and spacers are used for precise grouting. Achieving a traditional stone finish has never been easier.

  • How will my cladding slips arrive?

    All cladding slips are placed onto our standard pallets which are 1m x 1.2m, they get manually laid individually onto the pallet and then are stacked up to get a maximum of 20m² onto a full pallet space.