BMQ Stone Slips

We have developed a method of using standard walling stone and cutting the front face off to leave all the natural Beauty of our stone without the weight and the bulk of our traditional product there for giving an economical and cost effective cladding product.







Our stone slips are suitable for internal and external walls because of the thickness and the fact that it can be fixed directly it to wall like a heavy tile it hardly takes any space out of you room when used for interiors. When used for new builds it allows for a thinner wall therefore more space inside.

They are ideal for Commercial use because of its ease of use and space saving if can give commercial and retail spaces a traditional and authentic feel.

With the use of our L shaped corners It is pretty much impossible to distinguish the stone slip and traditionally built stone work, we are able to produce stone slips across the full range of Random, Vintage, Coursed, and Tumbled cropped walling stone the Black Mountain Quarries produce.

Quick and easy to lay eliminates the manual handling and associated issues of traditional stone and brick materials. Ideally suited for either professional trades men or DIY


  • Over 30 Colour and types available
  • All real natural stone
  • Lightweight
  • Easy Installation
  • Cost & space saving
  • Corners that will give your completed project the appearance of “full thickness” stone
  • Timeless beauty