HRH Visit to De Lank Quarry

On the 21st March 2018 Delank Quarry had the pleasure of welcoming HRH Prince Charles for a private visit around the quarry in Cornwall.

Secondary sawyers (Mark & Mark) showing Price Charles the dish channel that we supply the Duchy

The Duchy are currently developing a small town community of over 4,000 houses including a school, shops and a church near Newquay. Over 40% of Delanks overall production goes to the Duchy and as a small business the Prince has always shown a keen interest in the granite, and as such he requested a visit to see the production process in person.

He was in great spirits on the day and really seemed to enjoy his visit. We know we certainly did. Below are a selection of photos of his visit to the quarry, Enjoy!

Adrian going into great detail with HRH at De Lank Quarry

Peter and Price Charles closely inspecting some of the goods to go the Duchy

Adrian in full sales mode

Nigel sharing some proper Cornish wit

The whole Phillips family meeting the Prince

Everybody had a great time during the Prince’s visit to De Lank Quarry

Charles meeting Charles

The prince was in great spirits on his visit to De Lank Quarry

Adrian and Prince Charles studying some plans

Micky showing Prince Charles some block being cut

Ian Skinner showing Prince Charles around De Lank Quarry

Arthur, the youngest Phillips shaking hands with Prince Charles

Prince Charles inspecting Steve’s workmanship in depth

Ian Drew & Ian Skinner meeting Prince Charles

Rob Showing Prince Charles the De Lank Quarry

Ben meeting Prince Charles on his visit to De Lank Qaurry