New Volvo lorry for increased deliveries

Our Volvo lorry is the latest addition to be added to our mini fleet of delivery vehicles.   This will allow us to bring our raw stone back from our quarries without the need for outside hauliers.  The Volvo will be able to bring back building stone and slabs from Llandraw and Tybubach quarries to enable us to produce our roofing tiles, cills and flagstones as well as our random building stone.  Block and smaller boulders will be collected from our Callow quarry to turn into masonry products and the various building stones we have to offer.


While our Isuzu 7.5 tonne lorry is invaluable for small local deliveries, and especially addresses where there is restricted access, the Volvo will allow us to deliver larger loads direct to our customers.   It has a tipping body and a crane which gives us the flexibility needed for unloading.

Both our lorries will only be used for fairly local deliveries within a radius of approximately 30 miles.  We will continue to use the expert services of Clive E Crowther Ltd for our larger loads as they have safely delivered hundreds of our orders for around 8 years now and travel throughout the country with our stone.  Smaller loads will be distributed through a pallet network company which covers the whole of the UK, including the islands.

Both our lorries have been wrapped by Sign It who are based in Leominster.  We are absolutely delighted with the graphics on both lorries, turning them from boring white to eyecatching and have already gained a few customers who have spotted the lorries on the road.  Now that our lorries are sign written, our drivers will have to behave themselves on the road!