Jointex Easy 15kg

Jointex Easy is a highly water permeable fixing mortar that allows almost all quantities of rainwater to seep into the ground. Frost and de-icing salt resistant, weed free, environmentally friendly, quick, cost effective and a permanent joint fixing for most natural stone.




Our Jointex Easy is available in buff which is a neutral colour with tiny black flecks throughout the tubs or in grey which is a mid grey again with black fleck throughout.   The Jointex is popular with landscapers as it is very quick to use, no mess, no mixing, no back breaking work and no staining on the flagstones.  Just pour out the compound onto the flagstones once laid and sweep into the joints, ensuring the compound is packed down tightly and sweep any excess off the flagstones.

One 15kgs tub will cover approximately 8 square metres when used in conjunction with our calibrated flagstones.



From £39.00 ex VAT
From £46.80 inc VAT