LTP Mouldex Paving Cleaner

LTP Mouldex kills and removes mould spores, black spot, lichen, fungus and algae from all types of external and artificial stone including concrete pavers.


Mouldex is formulated to cling to surfaces and remove mould spores, black spot, lichen, fungus, algae and moss from other damp places. Bleaching action helps restore natural stone and paving to its original colour.

Important: Test the solution on an inconspicuous area before general application.

Shake well before use  and ensure that surfaces a dry before using Mouldex.

Pour solution undiluted directly onto the pavers and spread out evenly using a sponge, paint brush or roller. Garden sprays can also be used. Leave for a minimum of 1 hour. Apply a little water and agitate with a stiff Deck brush to release the dirt and grime. Rinse thoroughly using a hose or jet wash.

Some stubborn stains and black spots may require a longer treatment, in which case apply and leave on surfaces over night.

Please read the data sheet below for further details about safe working practices.


LTP Technical Helpline 01823 665 213

£29.50 ex VAT
£35.40 inc VAT