Crazy Paving – Llandraw Sandstone

Our Llandraw crazy paving is made from our premium quality Herefordshire sandstone. Each slab is a unique size, shape and thickness, with at least one sawn edge. This paving works really well for a garden patio or courtyard where the array of colours really stands out, particularly in the smaller size stones.


Llandraw crazy paving is hard wearing, naturally riven and strikingly effective. With imaginative and skilful laying of the natural colours and shapes found within the sandstone, you can create anything from a traditional rustic style to something more modernist and abstract.

What sizes are available?

Llandraw crazy paving is created from the off-cuts from our Llandraw flagstones, and can be any shape, size and thickness. They will have at least one sawn edge and the others natural where they have been dug from the quarry. Depending on the various seams in the quarry, the crazy paving can vary in thickness from approximately 20mm – 60mm.

Different uses for flagstones in the house and garden

Llandraw sandstone crazy paving is perfect for courtyard gardens, patios, pathways, seating areas and stepping stones. Depending on the look required and the skill of the person laying the slabs, you can achieve a traditional look or something highly contemporary, in a quirky modern art style. Take a look at the Fact Sheet for inspiration!

Laying the flagstones

Outdoors, these flagstones can be laid on a sand and cement bed. Ensure the bed is level, and if needed use a sub-base. Spot bedding is not recommended as its makes the flagstones unstable and susceptible to fracturing.

Indoors, the flagstones can also be laid on a sand and cement base (depending what surface they’re going on to), or you can use a flexible adhesive.

Joint widths are a personal decision, but a 12mm gap is standard. We recommend Jointex Easy as a fixing mortar. It’s ready mixed, easy to use, doesn’t stain the flagstones and creates a very neat professional finish. It is permanently water permeable, resistant to high pressure cleaners and helps prevents weeds. Just empty the tub onto wet flagstones and work it into the joints, making sure they are firm and compact; then wait for it to dry.

Looking after the flagstones

Personally we don’t seal flagstones for outdoor use, because we think they improve with weathering. However you can seal them if you prefer.

Indoors we would definitely recommend sealing flagstones, to protect them from grease marks and household staining. It is essential to use a sealant specially made for natural stone, and we sell a range of high quality sealants for you to choose from. Some of the flagstones are more porous than others so the number of coats required will differ from one type of flagstone to another.


Products to match

Stone lifted from our Llandraw Quarry splits naturally into layers. As well as our traditional flagstones we also cut and hand-finish this stone into cobbles, lintels, cills, steps, edging, wall coping and pier caps. All products are available in standard sizes or can be bespoke cut to your spec.

Llandraw sandstone is identical in colour and texture to the building stone produced a few miles down the road at our Tybubach Quarry. The latter is ideal for building and walling, and would create a perfect match.

We also source a range of flagstones, cobblestones, lintels and cills from responsible suppliers throughout the world, to provide our customers with a wider choice of colour, finish and prices.

For external landscaping we produce a range of rocks and stones from all of our quarries, with a choice of BMQ grey-green sandstone (to match the Llandraw sandstone), plus Callow red sandstone, and Cornish silver-grey granite. These are available in various sizes from small rockery stones to 12 tonne boulders.

An important note about natural stone

Whilst we have done our utmost to ensure the stone and colours displayed on our website are accurate, they are to be used as a guide only. Because stone is a natural product, texture and colour will vary from piece to piece. As we work through the quarry, seams will yield slightly different coloured and shaped stones.

The way in which flagstones are laid, and the amount, colour and type of grout used will all impact the look of the finished design. Please bear this in mind when ordering stone samples and products.

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