Mulberry Slate

Our Brazilian Mulberry slate tiles bring a warmth to our slate range. Having scoured the world for a slate which has the depth of colour of Welsh Penrhyn our Mulberry does the job whilst maintaining a 10mm thickness.


Our Brazilian Mulberry Slate offers you an alternative to a black slate. This warm purple/grey slate really brings a floor to life with its deeper purple mottling within the stone tile. This product is calibrated which means you have a consistent thickness of 10mm so no surprises for you builders and can be used on walls too. As slate they are still naturally riven but the effect is more visual than physical.  Sawn edges add to the modern, contemporary appearance.

We recommend using the Mulberry for inside use only as our wet climate can activate minerals within the slate.

What sizes are available?

Our Mulberry Brazilian slate is available in a 600 x 600 x 10mm format

Different uses for flagstones in the house and garden

As a 10mm thick product we would suggest that this should be used for interior use.

Laying the flagstones

Slate laid internally should be fixed to a solid subfloor with no movement

Joint widths are a personal decision, but a 5mm gap is standard with a sawn edge tile.

Due to its 10mm thickness this tile can be used on walls internally out of a bathroom application.


Looking after the flagstones

Indoors we would definitely recommend sealing flagstones, to protect them from grease marks and household staining. It is essential to use a sealant specially made for natural stone, and we sell a product called Mattstone which enhance the beautiful warm tones of the product. Some of the flagstones are more porous than others so the number of coats required will differ from one type of flagstone to another.

Should your slate become stained with oil, grease or ingrained dirt we recommend LTP Grimex. This is a special cleaner for indoor or outdoor areas, and brings the stone up a treat.

Products to complement

If you wanted complementary products such as hearthstones, wall capping, pier caps and steps, we have an in-house cutting service and can usually cut to order, depending on your requirements. Give us a call and we’ll let you know feasibility, cost and a lead time.

If you would like advice, examples or ideas about combining similar or complementary stone ranges for different uses, do give us a call – or even better, pop in to our showroom.

An important note about natural stone

Whilst we have done our utmost to ensure the stone and colours displayed on our website are accurate, they are to be used as a guide only. Because stone is a natural product, texture and colour will vary from piece to piece. As we work through the quarry, seams will yield slightly different coloured and shaped stones.

The way in which flagstones are laid, and the amount, colour and type of grout used will all impact the look of the finished design. Please bear this in mind when ordering stone samples and products.


Price per Sq metre
£25.00 ex VAT
£30.00 inc VAT


LTP Mattstone Indoor Sealant

From £16.50 ex VAT
From £19.80 inc VAT

LTP Mouldex Paving Cleaner

£29.50 ex VAT
£35.40 inc VAT