Our boulders are popular for use in natural play areas, gardens and public spaces as well as feature stones, house signs and roadside barricades. They are available in red or silver / grey granite.

Our boulders are found in our own quarries and can be supplied in various sizes from 50kgs up to 12 tonne blocks.  They are all completely unique, with all sides being completely natural and colours vary as well as their shapes and sizes.

Our Callow red sandstone boulders are found in our quarry on the Herefordshire and Monmouthshire border. The silver / grey granite is a very hard, durable stone quarried from our De Lank Quarry in Cornwall near Bodmin.

The boulders are priced on request and while we can deliver up to 12 tonne boulders, unloading facilities on the lorry are only available up to 2.5 tonne.  Any larger boulders will require a telehandler to be arranged for offloading at the delivery point.  If you would like the boulders put in situ when being delivered, you need to consider a few points:

  • Access to the location needs to be large enough for either 7.5 tonne / 15 tonne or artic lorry.
  • Ground needs to be firm enough to support the lorry.
  • The lorry will need to be very close to the point where you would like the boulders placing; the hiab has reach, but the further from the delivery point, the less weight the hiab can maneouvre.
  • Placing the boulders in situ needs to be booked when ordering the stone and booking delivery.

Although our quarries have hundreds of tonnes of stone they are found naturally whilst digging for our block stone.  Please allow a few weeks for appropriate boulders to be found for you.

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