Practical, versatile and beautiful: if you are looking to create a seamless transition between your house and garden, porcelain flooring is the ultimate solution. This exciting product evolution offers all the benefits of traditional high strength porcelain, but reinvented for contemporary living. Inspired by natural stone, timber and polished concrete, our different ranges offer a design for everyone. Porcelain has essential advantage over alternative flooring products: not only is it durable, low-maintenance, safe and beautiful, but it is the only product that retains those qualities both indoors and outdoors. It truly delivers on the modern desire for a garden room that connects intrinsically with the home.

Emperor Classic Porcelain

Our largest porcelain range with a choice of colours and textures modelled on natural flooring materials. Our Classic porcelain offers all the benefits of traditional stone and timber but with unsurpassable consistency between indoor and outdoor use.

Emperor Country Porcelain

Inspired by timber but given a brilliant modern twist, these are the longest porcelain tiles available. They are significantly more slip-resistant than decking, easier to maintain than wooden flooring, and provide a seamless look from house to garden.

Emperor Urban Porcelain

All the architectural urban stylishness of polished and stained concrete, but simpler to lay, easier to maintain, safer and more weatherproof. Modern colours and the increasingly popular larger 800 x 800mm format put our Urban porcelain range right on-trend.

Mijo Nobile Porcelain

Mijo Porcelain

Elegantly timeless and classically Italian, the Mijo porcelain range takes its inspiration from natural stone and timber but with subtler colouring and patterns. The 800x400mm format helps to make any indoor or outdoor space feel larger.