Mokka – Emperor Country

'Mokka' porcelain paving from the EMPEROR® Country range gives a stylish modern twist to any environment. Evoking real timber flooring with authentic patterning and texture, the rich grey-brown colouring is a contemporary touch that looks as stunning outdoors as it does in the home or studio.


Pattern: Wood effect

Edge: Natural. EMPEROR® floor tiles have a slightly conical edge; we call this their ‘natural edge’. It is important in both looks and quality (see ‘Advantages’ below).

Format: 400 x 1200 x 20mm thickness

Repeats: The number of repeats of a pattern within a product depends on how lively the pattern is. Our porcelain wood effect tiles have the highest number of repeats (greater than 22), giving the floor the most natural look possible. Laid correctly, you’d be hard-pushed to spot the repeats!

Suitability: Interior and exterior flooring.

The advantages of EMPEROR® porcelain floor tiles

Manufactured in Italy, EMPEROR® porcelain paving has been uniquely formulated to meet the architectural and aesthetic demands of contemporary living. It combines high strength, visual appeal, easy care and safety enabling you to design and create beautiful spaces that connect the indoors with the outdoors.

Appearance: EMPEROR® Country floor tiles, once laid, look just like real timber because of their natural edge. This distinguishes them from traditional ceramic floor tiles with calibrated edges. The sharpness of a calibrated edge can undermine the natural effect and the quality, all of which are overcome in the EMPEROR porcelain range.

Resistance to wear: The conical edge gives EMPEROR® floor tiles extra stability, making them more resistant to cracking and damage to the edges.

Durability: EMPEROR® porcelain is fully vitrified. You can see the quality for yourself in the edge of the tile, which is a consistent colour and texture throughout its thickness. A lower quality tile will show inconsistency here, such as ‘rainbow’ patterning, which means it is only semi-vitrified.

Texture: EMPEROR® Country floor tiles have up to 1.5mm depth in their timber texture. This not only enhances the timber effect, making it remarkably life-like, but is an essential component of their slip-resistancy. Not all porcelain tiles are made to this quality.

What is porcelain?

EMPEROR® porcelain is produced from natural high-quality minerals including low lime clays, quartz and felspar. The tiles are shaped by dry pressing and then fired at very high temperatures. This results in a highly durable material with a low level absorption from natural moisture, precipitation and indoor spillages.

Is porcelain hard wearing?

EMPEROR® porcelain paving has a very hard surface and is remarkably easy to clean. Unlike natural stone, our porcelain does not require sealing or specific cleaning products. Everyday marks, including general dust, dirt, and even spots of grease and red wine can be easily cleaned away with just water and a soft scrubbing brush.

Will weather effect porcelain paving?

Our porcelain flooring is weather-, frost- and acid-resistant.


Is porcelain slippery?

All EMPEROR® porcelain floor tiles have a slip safety rating of at least 11. The products have been tested in various wet and dry conditions and have proven to have very low risk of slipping.


Where can I lay these products?

Our porcelain paving is ideal for use on patios, paths, roof terraces and balconies, as well as indoor use.


What can porcelain paving be laid on to?

The EMPEROR® porcelain paving range can be laid on to:
• permeable mortar
• pedestals
• with recommended adhesive on concrete floor
• bedding aggregate (no cement)

Can I use under floor heating?

Yes you can – the heat will transfer through the porcelain. It will take little longer to heat up but holds the heat well, much like stone.


Price per Sq metre
£70.00 ex VAT
£84.00 inc VAT