Our roofing tiles are hand dressed and supplied with diminishing courses to create a traditional stone tiled roof. The tiles have a naturally riven surface and come in a range of sizes to suit most buildings. We provide a responsibly-sourced imported stone for customers who are looking for a traditional effect at lower prices. Our roofing stone is also used to maintain the character and regional integrity of local authority buildings.

Local Stone Roofing

Our premium quality natural stone roofing is quarried here in the Black Mountains. The tiles are traditionally hand-crafted to give a true diminishing coursed tile roof. The height and thickness of each course is bespoke to reduce laying time and weight on the roof.

Imported Stone Roofing

For a wider choice of colours and prices we also import other types of natural stone. Each tile is calibrated to create a true diminishing course. More beautiful and durable than manmade products, our imported range offers natural stone at more affordable prices.