Stone Cladding Slips

Introducing the future with our natural stone cladding slips. Benefiting all elements of the build to the highest of standards. As the thickness is only 15-25mm this gives endless amount of flexibility to all areas, not only to the build but transportation, room on site and no restriction to how many m2 can be covered in a day!
L shaped corners give a full authentic look and feel to the whole project adding value in many ways.

All our products under Building Stone & Walling can be produced into stone slips from, all colours and styles we are working through each product now so in 2020 natural stone cladding slips will be the future.

100% natural solid stone with added benefits, why not have a look yourself.

random cladding slips

Rubble Cladding Slips

Our Rubble cladding slips are highly variable in the size and shape. This makes them perfect for emulating a historic stone wall, and also gives it a raw feel. They are between 15-25mm in thickness and using an adhesive can be stuck to masonry or a cement fibre wall.

Rubble Cladding Slips also available in Gloucester Green, Blue sandstone, Ragstone and White Lias.

random cladding slips

Random Cladding Slips

Generally rectangular-shaped stone with some irregularities in shape, variable heights and widths, and thickness between 15-25mm. Our random cladding slips are available in sandstone, limestone, granite and slate. Suitable for house or garden and in a wide range of natural colours.

vintage cladding slips

Vintage Cladding Slips

Vintage cladding slips are either sawn or cropped to create more regular uniformed shapes with random heights and lengths. 15-25mm in thickness gives this an easy, flexible build with a modern finish. L shaped slip corners are also available in the same material.

Vintage Cladding Slips also available in Callow Sandstone, Callow Sandstone Tumbled, and Blue Sandstone.

coursed cladding slips

Coursed Cladding Slips

Coursed cladding slips are rectangle stone which has mainly been sawn top and bottom with set heights of 65mm, 140mm and 215mm by random lengths. The front face has been cut off the walling stone to make a slip that is 15 – 25 mm thick and using adhesive can be stuck to masonry or a cement fibre wall. L shaped slip corners are also available in the same material.

Coursed cladding slips also available in Callow Sandstone and Gloucester Green sandstone. 

view stone panelling system

Stone Panelling System

This ingenious cladding system is made from real slate, granite and quartz natural stone. Modular panels are easy to fit and fast to build, creating a contemporary architectural look ideal for interior and exterior walls in the home, office and retail environments.



L-shaped and nominal thickness of around 30mm to match perfectly with our Stone Cladding slips give the appearance of ‘full-thickness’ solid stone walling.