BMQ Sandstone Random Tumbled

BMQ sandstone random tumbled cladding slips are 15-25mm in thickness. Comes in random heights, lengths and shapes, the tumbling process has taken all of the sharp edges off to give a warm, soft finish to the stone. The dominant greens blend with the warm browns and rustic tonnes. L shaped cladding tumbled corners can also be produced.


BMQ Sandstone is lifted from our own quarry at the foot of the Black Mountains in Herefordshire. A beautiful green-grey sandstone with occasional russet seams, it is our premium quality sandstone.

Our natural stone slips are suitable for cladding internal and external walls, and for house-building and landscaping. At only 15-25mm thick, they can be fixed directly to walls like a heavy tile. Easy to apply and with an unlimited daily build height, they are ideal for both professional use and for DIY.

L-shaped corners create the appearance of ‘full-thickness’ solid stone walling, but being so slim in format means they are also ideal for new builds where space is at a premium.

We are able to cut our natural stone cladding slips from our full range of natural stone products, including Random, Vintage, Coursed, and Tumbled cropped walling stone.

Key qualities:

  • 15-25mm thickness
  • 100% natural solid stone
  • L-shaped corners
  • For interior and exterior walling
  • Over 40 finishes, colours and styles
  • Easy and fast installation
  • Unlimited build height per day

Price per Sq metre
£90.00 ex VAT
£108.00 inc VAT


Laticrete Multimax 255 – Masonry Veneer Mortar

£24.50 ex VAT
£29.40 inc VAT

Random Building Stone – BMQ Sandstone

Price per bulk bag
£180.00 ex VAT
£216.00 inc VAT

Stone Cladding Slips – Random BMQ Sandstone

Price per Sq metre
£80.00 ex VAT
£96.00 inc VAT

Random Tumbled Building Stone – BMQ Sandstone

Price per bulk bag
£230.00 ex VAT
£276.00 inc VAT