White Panel System – Contemporary

An elegant natural quartz finish is one of the many attractive features of TIER® stone panelling in ‘White’. Lightweight and easy to install, it creates a seamless natural stone veneer across flat surfaces and corners. A contemporary and economical alternative to traditional stone facing.


The TIER® panels rise in interlocking ‘tiers’, fitting seamlessly together, eliminating the need for specialist labour and making this system a quick and easy system to use. Each individual piece of stone is stuck together with a resin (no cement backing).

The Contemporary Range is a thin stone veneer made from split face stone. The various depths and textures showcase the stones natural beauty. This three-dimensional look creates a stunning feature wall especially when illuminated. TIER® natural stone panel system is ideal for exterior features walls, courtyards and entertainment areas. Equally well suited for interior use, these stone panels are also perfect for use on fireplaces and features walls. Due to its modular form TIER Contemporary is quick and easy to install.

Finger Corners

The Contemporary Range comes with separate corners. The corners are designed and manufactured in a way to achieve the most authentic corner possible. Each corner piece slides seamlessly together to form a realistic stone corner.

Panel Measurements

Panels are 548mm long x 152mm high x 25mm thick approx.

Corner panels are 348mm and 200mm long x 152mm high x 25mm thick approximately (comes in 2 pieces).

Packaging Panels & Corners

  • Both panel & corner boxes contain 0.33m²
  • Panels – 4 panels/box
  • Corners – 4 long & 4 short corner pieces/box – Measure height of corners to calculate quantity
  • Approx. weight per box 20kg
  • Approx. weight per m² 55kg

We can also supply you with the recommended Tier adhesive, building board, sealants, cleaners and mechanical fixings.

Mechanical Fixing is recommended in conjunction with the suggested adhesive to areas of panel fitted above 3 metres from ground level.

Suitable substrates for panelling:

  • New or existing concrete or block work structures
  • Tier® Building Board screwed to a Timber Frame Structure
  • Tier® Building Board screwed to Steel Frame uprights

Ensure all surfaces are structurally sound, between 40º F (4ºC) and 90º F (32ºC), and free from all dirt, oil, grease, paint and concrete sealers or curing compounds

NOTE: Only install TIER products on the following suitable substrates:

  • Traditional unfinished Block Work
  • Concrete (Scratch surface if very smooth)
  • TIER Building Board

Find the level of the first full height row of panels by dividing the height of the surface by 215mm (the height of each panel), it is good practice to have the cut panels at the bottom of the wall. Until the adhesive has fully set the first row of panel will require temporary support. A straight edge (normally a timber lath) should be fixed to the substrate to proved support and a level starting guide .

Mixing the adhesive

When ready, mix a manageable amount of TIER MIS Adhesive (Masonry Installation System MIS) by slowly adding TIER adhesive to clean water at a ratio of 3kgs to 1 litre (5 litres to a 15kg bag of TIER® adhesive). Mix with a slow speed mixer for one minute, or until a creamy, smooth consistency has been reached. Allow to combine with the water for 5 minutes, remix and use. Only TIER adhesive (Masonary Installation System MIS) is recommended for use with TIER® Panel Systems.

NOTE: Only apply TIER mortar adhesive to an area which can be covered with TIER panel before the adhesives surface has begun to harden or skin-over. Environmental conditions can cause this time period to vary but is normally between 15-20 minutes from application. Conduct a small test area for non-sag performance if necessary.

Cement based products will take longer to harden and set at lower temperatures and should not be used below 5ºC.

ADHESIVE APPLICATION: Start at the corners. Spread the TIER adhesive onto the substrate using the flat side of a notch trowel. Ensure 100% coverage. Comb on additional adhesive with the notched side of the trowel. Use a 1/4 x 3/8 (6mm x 9mm) or 1/2 x 1/2 (12mm x 12mm) notch or loop notch trowel. Apply the adhesive to the back of the panels using the same process. It is essential that Tier adhesive is applied to both substrate and the back of the panel and that 100% coverage is achieved. 


Start at the corners and work inwards until panels meet. Place the adhesive covered panel in the desired position and press against the adhesive covered substrate. The gentle use of rubber mallet may be helpful. Slide the panel approx. 1″ (25mm) in a diagonal direction and then back to the desired final position while maintaining even pressure. No air gaps between the panel and substrate should remain. Check for complete coverage by periodically removing a panel and inspecting the transfer of adhesive. Panels should be fitted tightly together. Small pieces of cement or adhesive can create gaps between panels, so ensure all panels are level and joints are thoroughly cleaned before fitting the next panel. No grouting or jointing is required after fitting.


If cutting is required, we recommend the use of a table saw (preferable) or a suitable 9″ grinder with the appropriate diamond blade. If a grinder is used, slight blade movement can create high torsion forces which may occasionally dislodge a stone from the cement backing. This is quite normal and the dislodged stone can simply be stuck back on using Tier® adhesive or Xcel (UBS) Universal Bond and Seal Polymer adhesive.

We recommend that TIER Stainless Steel fixing clips are used, in conjunction with Tier® adhesive, to areas of panel fitted above 3 metres from ground level.

Care and Maintenance

A range of TIER Care & Maintenance products are available. Stone products which have been sealed may be easier to keep clean and maintain than unsealed stone.


Ensure the finished area is completely clean and free from dust and adhesive stains before sealing, use the TIER Cleaner diluted one part Tier Cleaner in 3 parts warm water. Apply liberally, spreading over surface of panels. If necessary agitate with a scrubbing brush. Leave to react for 5-10 minutes, keeping wet with additional solution. Agitate surface again, mop up and rinse thoroughly with clean water. In extremely severe cases use diluted and agitate with scrubbing brush or mechanical scrubber if necessary. Neutralise treated surface with clean water after use.


Ensure surface to be treated is completely clean, dry and free from dirt, grime and adhesive.

Shake bottle before use. Apply generously and evenly using a paint brush or sponge. On highly absorbent surfaces apply several coats wet-in-wet (while the previous coat is still wet). After 15 minutes, remove any excess sealer with an absorbent cloth. Do not allow residues to dry on the surface.

Alternative installation method for Contemporary Panel System

Ensure all surfaces are structurally sound between 40ºF (4ºC) and 90ºF (32ºC), and free from all dirt, oil, grease, paint and concrete sealers or curing compounds.

Apply 5 equally spaced vertical bead lines of Xcel UBS to the back of the stone panels. These should run 150mm from the top to the bottom of the panel. Install panels from bottom to top to avoid any slipping whilst the Xcel UBS adhesive is cutting, ensure that panels are fitted with no joints.

Push the panel firmly into place, interlocking it with any existing panels. The gentle use of a rubber mallet may be helpful.


Price per Sq metre
£60.00 ex VAT
£72.00 inc VAT


Ardex X77 Flexible Adhesive 20kg

£26.50 ex VAT
£31.80 inc VAT