Random Building Stone – Silver/Grey Granite

Our Cornish granite has a uniquely even grain and texture, and is as beautiful as it is durable. Quarried as block stone from our De Lank Quarry near Bodmin in Cornwall, this silver grey granite is ideal for larger masonry pieces as well as building stone, walling, cobbles and paving.
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De Lank granite is synonymous with Cornish walling stone. When quarried it splits naturally into large blocks, which means we can also craft it into masonry stone such as quoins and lintels. Its durability also lends itself to commercial paving, cobbles and setts, as well as garden walling and retaining walls for ponds and pools. (It also makes a really nice garden feature).

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As well as cropped stone, our De Lank silver-grey Cornish granite is also available as random tumbled building stone. The tumbling process softens the faces and edges of the stone pieces, giving them an antique, weathered appearance.

The quality and beauty of our silver grey granite has kept it in demand for prestigious buildings and national landmarks since 1882. Investment at the quarry means that this lovely building stone is now affordable for domestic as well as commercial projects.

One bulk bag of random building stone cropped to the standard 100mm – 150mm (4-6 inch) bed width will enable you to build approx 4 square metres of facing stone.  An allowance of 10% should be calculated into your figures for wastage.

What is random building stone?

Our Granite random building stone is cropped to a 100mm -150mm (4-6 inch) bed width as standard, providing at least one usable face per piece. (‘Bed width’ is the width of your footing).  Heights and lengths are naturally random, hence its name – although you might also hear it called facing stone, building stone or random rubble in the trade.

The natural variation in shape and colour means that every piece of random sandstone is unique. Using this material for any house construction, wall or garden feature will achieve an authentic look that mellows beautifully with age.

One bulk bag of random building stone cropped to the standard 100mm -150mm (4-6 inch) bed width will enable you to build approx. 3 – 3.5 square metres of facing stone.  An allowance of 10% should be calculated into your figures for wastage.

Note: This product will be shipped from our De Lank quarry based in Cornwall so delivery charges and lead-times may differ 

What if I need my stone cut differently?

If you need a non-standard bed width, our in-house stone cutting service can crop the stone accordingly. For instance, we regularly crop to 150mm (6 inch) and 225mm (9 inch) bed widths, which will provide you with a larger stone in all dimensions. Whatever bed width you specify, the heights and lengths of each piece will remain random.

Stone can also be provided “as dug”. This is stone dug straight from the quarry, without cropping to a specific bed width, and is popular when building dry stone walls.

We can also provide corner stones as required. These are made by cropping the random building stone as normal, then turning each piece of stone at right angles and cropping once more to make a right angled corner. They will have random heights and lengths and are ideal for chimneys, reveals, pillars etc.

If you need less than a tonne of random building stone, a different bed width or have a delivery address with tricky or limited access, please do give us a call – we’ll be happy to help.

Building and walling materials to match

De Lank silver-grey granite is also available for commercial paving, cobbles and setts, quoins and lintels.

Many of our own products can be successfully combined with complementary ranges – for example, using lighter coloured stone for cills and coping stones. If you would like advice, examples or ideas about combining stone ranges, do give us a call – or even better, pop in to our showroom.

For natural landscaping we provide boulders and rockery stones from all our UK quarries. We can provide a range of granite rocks from our De Lank quarry, from small rockery stones to 12 tonne boulders.

Different uses for random building stone in the house and garden

Here are a few applications for random building and walling stone:

  • Building restoration and renovation
  • Facing stone for new builds
  • Garden walls
  • Dwarf walls
  • Dry stone walling
  • Fireplaces
  • Chimneys
  • Gabion Baskets
  • Pillars
  • Wishing Wells
  • Feature walls
  • Retaining walls
An important note about natural stone

Whilst we have done our utmost to ensure the stone and colours displayed on our website are accurate, they are to be used as a guide only. Because stone is a natural product, texture and colour will vary from piece to piece. As we work through the quarry, seams will yield slightly different coloured and shaped stones.

The building technique, quantity, colour and type of mortar used will all impact on the the look of the finished product. Please bear this in mind when ordering stone products. For larger projects or any projects where a specific look is required, we recommend that test panels are built.


We’ve provided a few tips on how to build a stone wall, and if you need any advice, give us a call.

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Random Tumbled Building Stone – Silver/Grey Granite

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Cobblestones – Silver/Grey Granite

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