This is where our skilled stone masons come into their element. Some of our natural stone masonry products are structural, for example our quoins, cills, lintels, steps and borders. They add strength and traditional character to buildings, window and door frames, hearths, edging and steps. Others are purely beautiful, including our carved signs, date stones and our bespoke stone carving and cutting service for sculptures, stone features and hand lettering. Available in sandstone, granite, limestone and slate, all our natural stone products are timeless, durable, and have a beauty that deepens with the passage of time.

Cills, Lintels & Steps

Our decorative stones are popular with landscape gardeners, house builders and architects for enhancing or restoring rustic character. The stone is split by hand along natural planes to a variety of thicknesses, and can be used as lintels, window cills, edging / borders, steps and hearth stones. Available in cream, dove grey, chocolate and brown in standard or bespoke sizes, our hand-finished steps and borders are an ideal complement to existing building and landscaping materials.


Our natural stone quoins (also known as cornerstones) are cut from solid masonry blocks. They are sometimes also known as split-faced or pitch-faced quoins. Traditionally used at the corners of a building to frame its architecture and strengthen its construction, quoins are also great for landscaping in private or public gardens. A choice of hand dressed or sawn finishes is available in sandstone and granite.

Signs, Date Stones & Carving

Crafted by our own skilled stone masons, we create beautiful hand-lettered formal signs for public buildings, house names, private and public landscape art, street furniture and commemorative stones. We create the pieces from finished smooth stone or natural boulders, hand-made to your specification. Available in sandstone or granite from our own Herefordshire and Cornish quarries, plus York stone and pennant. We also offer hand crafted slate signs and date stones with a choice of fonts, colours and finishes.