About Traditional Facing Stone

Full thickness

Traditional facing stone is full sized pieces of solid stone, available as cropped building and walling stone in rubble, random, semi-coursed and coursed styles. Our natural solid stone is for mainly used for exterior walling.

Our traditional facing stone is cropped to the bed width of the chosen build style, and has at least one usable face. Our natural stone walling is quarried predominantly in the UK and Ireland, and is available in a variety of regional colours. This enhances our range of natural stone giving us the largest selection choice. Our traditional facing stone is ideal for all exterior stone walling; it is durable, low maintenance, and weathers beautifully.

Traditional Facing Stone

Quoins and cornerstones can be cropped from any of our natural stone products

Traditional facing stone respects the unique architectural heritage of local areas

Natural stone is timeless and durable: it ages gracefully and weathers beautifully

Traditional Facing Stone for Exterior Walling

  • 100% natural stone
  • Unique: no two pieces of stone are identical
  • Low maintenance: ages and weathers beautifully
  • Durable: outlasts brick, render and timber
  • Source: predominantly UK quarries
  • 4 build styles: Rubble, Random, Semi-coursed Coursed
  • Wide range: over 40 combinations of stone, colour and finish
  • Full thickness: between 75-200mm depending on chosen style
  • Suitability: ideal for all exterior building and walling
  • Complementary products: quoins/corners for all facing stone
  • Benefit: adds character, heritage, style and quantifiable value

Traditional facing stone: the benefits

Suitability: ideal for building and walling for residential houses and properties, commercial and public buildings

Durability of stone enables natural stone buildings to last for hundreds of years. Traditional stone facing outlasts brick, render and timber indefinitely

Respect for the unique heritage of local areas: reflects vernacular architecture authentically yet cost-effectively

Natural beauty: the inherent diversity of colouring, texture and pattern within natural stone makes it one of the most beautiful and timeless materials to work with

Reduced environmental impact: working with natural stone is relatively non-toxic and low carbon compared to most other building materials. Since most of our stone is quarried in the UK and Ireland, our transport emissions are also relatively low

Support for traditional craftsmanship: due to the unique sizes and shapes of traditional facing stone, building with these materials often requires the skills of an experienced stone mason. We’re delighted to be able to promote and sustain these traditional skills on our projects

Planning permission: local planners usually respond positively towards proposals that help reflect and restore traditional and local architecture, including local stone heritage

Choice of traditional and contemporary styles and finishes, with a wide range of natural stone available in sandstone, limestone, slate and quartzite

Largest range of British natural stone: we pride ourselves on working with local quarries to maintain historical traditions

How do you produce your traditional facing stone? 

Black Mountain Quarries has numerous machinery which carefully quarries, manoeuvres, cuts and crops the stone down. For example, most of the building stone starts as a large 8 tonne+ boulder which then gets peakered down to smaller pieces of rock around 200kg. These are still very large pieces of stone; these then get put through one of our three Steinex croppers which then allows the stone to be worked down to manageable building stone. Take a look at stone cropping for more information.

How does Traditional Facing Stone differ from Cladding Slips? 

The only difference is the bed width of the stone, which means the thickness of the pieces from front to the back. Most of our facing stones are cropped between 100-150mm. The cladding slips continue from this process and get put through a machine where the front face of the stone gets cut off to a 15-25mm thickness. 

How do I build with stone?

We recommend that when building with stone, you have a suitable backing, so for example on a house you see the concrete blocks being built and then the stone is used in front of this. As our stone is cropped having a backing, supports the stone for maximum durability.  Take a look at our knowledge base for more information.

Do you delivery across the UK?

Yes, at Black Mountain Quarries we have two lorries which can deliver right across the UK with a crane offload, contact us for more infomation about our lorries. We also work with a 3rd party haulage company palletways which also provide a service across the UK for us, see delivery method for more information.