A brief guide to different finishes that can be applied to the visible faces of walling stone


Tumbling is a mechanical process that softens the edges of natural stone, giving it a softer, weathered effect and a vintage appearance.

Tumbling smooths off hard edges from the face, profile and corners of natural stone. It can be applied to facing stone, cladding slips, quoins, cornerstones and flagstone paving. (It won't be appropriate for every type of geological stone – but if you're interested in a particular product and can't see a tumbled version, just ask and we'll let you know if it's possible). The tumbling process creates instant vintage, which can be ideal for restoration or complementary matching to existing stone buildings and walls.

Pitch Faced

A pitched face finish is a type of treatment traditionally applied to coursed stone. It gives the finished walling a depth of character and quality.

Our coursed stone is hand-chiselled by our in-house stone masons, to create the traditional pitched-face finish. The pitching creates a unique texture and profile at the edges of each stone. This is especially effective in a coursed wall, where the hand-dressed detail sits in striking contrast to the uniform rows. It is a subtle sign of quality and craftsmanship, lending additional character to an architecturally precise construction.