Build Styles

A brief guide to the different architectural effects that can be achieved through crafting stone

Rubble Style


Rubble walling is a centuries-old art of building with natural stone. Also known as rubble masonry and rubble work, it has a raw, rough-hewn appearance.

The stones used to build a rubble wall receive the minimal amount of finishing. As such they are all highly irregular in shape and size. Building a rubble stone wall generally requires the skills of a stone mason to select and fit all the different stones for the optimal strength and appearance. This style is rough-hewn and humble; common in rural locations for its traditional heritage, it is also popular with architects on contemporary builds for its raw aesthetic. Our rubble facing stone has a bed width of approx 75-200mm. Our rubble cladding slips are approx 15-30mm thick.

Random Style


Random walling comprises stones of random heights and lengths, with some entirely irregular pieces. It has a degree more regularity that rubble stone walling.

Random walling stone receives more cropping than rubble stone, to create a mix whereby some edges are flat, some corners are rectangular, and some shapes are irregular. It's a stylish balance between the raw effect of rubble walling and a contemporary build. As such it's popular for barn conversions and extensions for house renovations in rural and semi-rural areas. Our random facing stones requires the skills of a stone mason or experienced builder. Our random facing stone has a bed width of approx 100-150mm. Our random cladding slips are approx 15-30mm thick.

Semi Coursed Style

Semi Coursed

Semi-coursed walling stone comprises relatively uniform square/rectangular stone pieces of random heights and lengths. It sits between the random and coursed styles.

Our semi-coursed walling stone is non-coursed, so doesn't have any fixed heights or lengths. However, the stone is cropped with square edges to form relatively uniform rectangular pieces. It delivers a contemporary but creative aesthetic. The stones are easier to handle and faster to build with than random or rubble walling, but it still requires the skills of a stone-mason or experienced builder. Our semi-coursed facing stone has a bed width of approx 100mm (+/- 10mm). Our semi-coursed cladding slips are approx 15-30mm thick.

Coursed Style


Coursed walling stone is the easiest and therefore fastest type of facing stone to build with because of its fixed heights. The style is contemporary and precise.

Our coursed walling stone is sawn to three set heights – typically 65mm, 140mm and 215mm, with random lengths. This observes the traditional aesthetic for coursed stone walling, in preference to a single height / fixed lengths. Of all of our facing stone build styles, coursed stone creates the most contemporary and architectural impact. This can be highly effective when juxtaposed with historic buildings using the same stone. Our coursed facing stone has a bed width of approx 100mm. Our coursed cladding slips are approx 15-30mm thick.