Duchy of Cornwall specifies De Lank Quarry for new Waitrose

The Duchy of Cornwall prides itself on using locally sourced products which is why our sister quarry De Lank, in Cornwall, was specified to produce paving, cladding and four large columns from their Silver/Grey Granite for the new Waitrose that has recently opened near Truro.

Each Column is made up of 16 individual pieces that soar to an impressive height of 6 metres with a diameter of 900mm and weighing approximately 8 tonne each. The base comprises of 2 pieces, the body of 12 and the capping stones of 2. Each individual piece had to be saw profiled and then shaped and textured by hand, known in the trade as “dolly pointed” finish.

As well as the columns De Lank also produced 400m² of 50mm thick flamed paving for the car park walkways and around 90 linear metres of flamed kerbing. “Flaming” is a technique which uses a very hot flame to texturize the surface of the stone, this is used to create additional grip in public areas.

Not forgetting the 47m² of dolly pointed plinths that clad the front of the building, all-in-all creating a fantastic entrance.