St John’s Walk

The St John’s walk cloister at Hereford Cathedral is a covered walk way linking the cathedral with the buildings of the College of Vicars Choral. It has undergone a large scale restoration so that the venue can reach it’s full potential as an educational and historical resource for the community. We have been lucky enough to be involved in this fantastic project.

Llandraw Sandstone hand-dressed roofing

St John’s Walk runs north to south from the cathedral to the Vicars choral. A walled door at the north end of the cloister marks the original entrance to the passage way which was built ‘so that the Vicars were not exposed to the unwelcome attention of the public as they passed from their houses to the cathedral’*

The roof of the walkway is disproportionately high and has been suggested this was to keep the windows well above ground level to protect the vicars from ‘evil-doers’ when they were attending midnight services.

Our Llandraw Sandstone was recommended for the roofing project, a locally quarried stone, produced within 20 miles of the Cathedral, it was the perfect match.

The hundreds of metres of roofing required were produced over a period of 6 months and stored until required by the restoration team.

The finished roof looks fantastic and we are very proud to have been part of such an important restoration project which will preserve this early Tudor cloister for today’s community and for future generations.

*George Marshall, F.S.A ‘The Roof of the Vicars Choral at Hereford’.