Callow Sandstone Sculpted Rose

We were delighted to receive images recently of a beautifully sculpted rose created from our own Callow sandstone. The rose was commissioned by the Hampshire Police constabulary for the Hampshire police memorial garden in the grounds of Victoria house, Netley, Southampton.

The rose was designed by Oliver Annaly after winning a competition the design the piece. It was sculpted to such a high standard by Oliver Annally, Oliver came upon the callow sandstone at the European stone carving festival in Lincoln cathedral 2013, where blocks of callow had been donated.

To enable Oliver to carve the rose we had sawn a large boulder of the callow sandstone into a block sized 1.2m x 1.2m x 600mm, Once sawn to the size the block weighed over two tonnes so wasn’t the easiest to manoeuvre. Once we had delivered the block to Oliver he was able to work his magic and sculpt the stone to the incredible piece you see in the images.

The Rose is an incredible centre piece in the garden and we are sure it will be appreciated for years to come. Please take a look at the array of images kindly provided by Oliver, we always appreciate seeing the final finish with any of our products but especially when they are this stunning.

Please do take a look at Oliver’s facebook page for more of the wonderful creations he has made –