New product launch: Natural Stone Slips

Black Mountain Quarries is delighted to announce the development of a new walling product. Our natural stone slips are a lightweight cladding product that makes working with real stone easier and more cost-effective than ever before.

Our BMQ stone with its mixture of greens, greys and more rustic tones

Black Mountain Quarries has recently invested in precision cutting equipment that enables our stonemasons to slice the front face from natural walling stone, creating a slim, lightweight and easy-to-handle natural stone cladding material.

Our real stone slips are suitable for external as well as internal walls in both domestic and commercial environments.

At only 15-25mm thick, the stone walling slips can be fixed directly to walls like a heavy tile; we can also cut L-shaped corners that make it virtually impossible to distinguish between a wall clad with stone slips, and traditional stonework. The slim profile is ideal for new build interiors where internal space is at a premium. For exteriors, their ease of use facilitates the construction of an authentic natural stone face in record time.

Black Mountain Quarries is able to produce real stone slips across our full range of natural stone products, including Random, Vintage, Coursed, and Tumbled cropped walling stone. This provides a huge choice of over 30 colours and finishes. The light weight of the product allows us to deliver cost-effectively across the whole of the UK.

  • Over 30 colours and finishes
  • All real natural stone
  • Lightweight and space-saving
  • Easy installation
  • Cost effective
  • Appearance of authentic stonework